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About MicroSearch Corp.

Who is MicroSearch?

Using our proprietary technology, we can make any document or video fully-searchable.

  • MicroSearch Corporation was founded in 1996 near Boston. We are a boutique search engine company, and provide secure, end-to-end document management services for organizations across the country.
  • We index client video transcripts and documents into searchable digital databases, and host those databases online in public or private secure web portals.
  • A database portal may contain thousands of video transcripts or documents, together with all of the related metadata, all readily accessible on any internet-connected device.

Our Mission

MicroSearch was founded on one basic principle: all information, physical or digital, should be readily available and painless to access. It's that simple.

Whether you're looking for a document or specific excerpts contained within, through our proprietary technology, we can make anything—paper documents, video files, or other media—fully searchable. Because nothing is more empowering than having access to the information you need, regardless of the situation.

That's why we've migrated our information management products to the cloud. Our web portals serve as information hubs, and can be accessed at your convenience, and through any device—be it your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.


Providing top-of-the-line document management solutions is what we do best. But our services extend well beyond that.

Document Digitization

Even if your important documents are mostly printed on paper, we can make them fully searchable. Our enhanced scanning and character recognition technology preserves the original look of the document, while embedding a layer of hidden, fully-searchable text beneath.

Multimedia Conversions

Whether you have digital copies or need to dust off some old boxes containing DVD or VHS tapes, give us any piece of media and we'll provide you with a fully-searchable, entirely accurate transcript.

Union Resources

Legal research material made simple. Our powerful text recognition technology takes the headache out of storing, organizing, and retrieving specific sections or entries of your documents and media files.

Information Management

Our cloud-based information management systems are a one-stop shop when it comes to getting organized. All your critical documentation, from Collective Bargaining to Arbitration Agreements, stored in one, dedicated place that can be accessed whenever you like.


Ensuring our clients receive the best service possible has been our top priority from the beginning. We're proud of the organizations we work with and the relationships we've built over the years.

1,000 Pages, Digitized For Free

Forget about rummaging through the file cabinet to find what you're looking for.

Get started with us today and we'll convert your first 1,000 pages for free. We'll even create a website and custom database to store all the content—just so you can see for yourself.

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