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From Paper Documents to Full-Text Search

All while retaining the document's original look-and-feel.

Imagine if you could turn all of those stacks of old documents into something of value? It's all possible through our proprietary document digitization and conversion technology. Scanned or not, we can take every word from your existing documents and create an information hub that's fully indexed and instantly retrievable.

Document retrieval is MicroSearch's bread and butter. The backbone of our business was built upon the idea that information--and its acccesibility--is tremendously important for organizations of all kind of size. To date, the bulk of our clientele has comprised labor unions across the United States, providing them with centralized web portals where its members can find and review critical documentation to aid their everyday work.

We're proud of the organizations we work with and the solutions we've delivered. It all started with document conversion and digitization services, but we have since expanded our offering to account for other, equally important areas of business.

MicroSearch Document Management Solutions for Unions

Every detail, indexed

Looking for something specific? Every document is fully indexed, thereby allowing you to pinpoint the information you need with precision and ease.

MicroSearch Legal Research Material Conversions

Easily retrievable

Access to critical information is what we do best. Our goal is to make the retrieval process as easy as can be, no matter what you're looking for.

MicroSearch Document Conversion and Retrievale

Highlight excerpts

Legal contracts are typically quite dense. Using our software, you can highlight and bookmark sections that are of particular interest to you.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Unions and Alliances

Your Own Web Portal for Retrieving Important Documents

A place to store all the information you'll ever need.

Our web portals are designed to save you time--and money. Whatever you're hoping to store, index, and retrieve, from old paper documents, scans, through disorganized files and more, locating information is painless and quick with MicroSearch. We are a 20+ year industry leader in document management services, including digital conversions, storage, and database networks.

For any given union, organization is key. Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for retrieving and utilizing information contained within documents (although our services extend beyond paper to all types of media).

MicroSearch Information Management Tools

Search Your Way to Answers

Looking for something specific? Finding it has never felt so intuitive.

Part of what differentiates MicroSearch is our ability to index documents and present them to you in a manner of your choosing. That's right--access your converted documents as Word files, searchable, slick PDFs or exactly how they looked on paper. It's a matter of style, yes, but through the years, we've realized that having this option is important to our clients.

There's no better way to find something than by simply searching for it. Perhaps through relevant keywords, titles, certain sections or excerpts. Find what you're looking for however you like.

Users can search for anything based on the content of the document. There's no need to comb through the old file cabinet or stacks of folders collecting dust in a warehouse somewhere. Give us all your documentation and we'll create a centralized, online hub that can be accessed on any device, at any time, and for whatever reason at all.

Union Contract Digitization and Management

Organize Your Documents by User or Department

Easily control the information based on who's trying to access it.

For larger organizations and labor unions, setting permissions by user or department is a necessary feature to ensure the right people are finding the right information. We've been in this business for over two decades and know that well.

Modifying who can see what is simple, and handled at the admin level. We provide a simple yet effective method for denoting access that can be easily adjusted for whatever reason.


Why convert all documents into digital copies?

It's about more than having access to critical information.

Why Work with MicroSearch Corp.?

Apart from having a secure digital backup, converting your paper documents is a wise move for organizations of all sizes.

  • Get a hollistic view of where you and your colleagues stand
  • Knowing your rights and what you're entitled to
  • Cite specific excerpts instanteously during a negotiation

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