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Ushering Unions Into the 21st Century

With access to information comes great power.

Legal research material, for the most part, is dense and intentionally complicated, which makes reviewing it feel like needless homework.

Not anymore, however. For as long as we've been in business, MicroSearch has worked tirelessly to ensure our clients--mainly unions and alliances--have the tools they need to store, organize, and decode all of their legal research material. Depending on your needs, MicroSearch offers a suite of services that use cloud-based solutions to modernize and simplify the document management process.

We can convert existing paper documents into a digital format while simultaneously indexing its contents, making your contracts, agreements, and related clauses fully-searchable. That way, using our powerful search engine, you can review important documents on a granular level, finding the information you need in a few keystrokes or less. What's more, on top of digitization, all of the provided legal research material will be made available on a secure online web portal, which requires an account to access. Simply login with your credentials and get searching to find whatever you're looking for. It's really that easy.

MicroSearch Document Management Solutions for Unions

Entirely customizable

No one size fits all; we provide custom, end-to-end solutions based on your needs.

MicroSearch Legal Research Material Conversions

No licenses required

Use our suite of specialty union apps without having to obtain any kind of license.

MicroSearch Document Conversion and Retrievale

Integration free

Your IT department will thank us as getting setup requires no additional work on your part.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Unions and Alliances

Legal Research Material, Organized and At Your Fingertips

Find what you need, when you need it, in just a few clicks or less.

Collective Bargaining Agreements. Arbitration Clauses. FMLA Coverage. These are all staples of the administrative side of organized labor.

With MicroSearch, every document uploaded to our information management system is fully indexed and entirely searchable, so when you need to find something specific, you can simply search for it. If it sounds too good to be true, it's because it is. We know better than anyone that accessing the right information is critical to your everyday work.

MicroSearch Information Management Tools

Understand Your Rights Like Never Before

Taking the legalese out of legal research materials since 1996.

Contracts, agreements and other forms of legal research material are typically jam-packed with information--a lot of which important for you and your union colleagues to know.

Forget about rummaging through stacks of paper collecting dust in a storage facility somewhere, just to find one piece of information. Send everything to us--hard paper or digital copies, whatever you have--and we'll make them instantly more valuable. Every sentence, word, or character contained within any given document will be indexed by our OCR technology and securely uploaded to a unique web-based portal where you can search your way to answers.

Union Contract Digitization and Management

Features Designed with Unions in Mind

Our software is highly-specialized, solving the everyday administrative needs of unions both large and small.

Technology, at its core, is about reducing the amount of time it takes to complete certain tasks. Since the beginning, MicroSearch has leveraged technology to produce a suite of industry-leading document management solutions, affording union leaders with simple yet power tools to effectively manage their legal research materials.

Aside from document management and digitization services, MicroSearch also understands the critical nature of data and, when applied correctly, how it can revolutionize the decision-making process.Manage your documents and video assets with ease and precision, using the newly-available information, data, and insights to go the extra mile.


Why we offer custom, specialized tools for unions.

Nobody understands the technological needs of a trade union better than MicroSearch.

Why Work with MicroSearch Corp.?

Unions are the cornerstone of our economy, and we work every day to ensure they're equipped with the best technology available.

  • Our long history of working with unions and alliances makes us confident we can deliver exactly what you're looking for
  • Personalization is one of MicroSearch's core tenets, which is why we prioritize custom solutions
  • We're always looking ahead and embracing new technologies to ensure our document management solutions are the best they can possibly be

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