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From Analog to Digital, Online and Fully-Searchable

Make the most out of your existing video files.

Regardless of the format, whether tapes, DVDs, or simply outdated files, we can digitize any piece of media while also providing a fully-searchable, annotated transcript. Converting old, perhaps analog-based media into a modern, digital copy is one thing. Including an accurate, full-text transcript is another. And MicroSearch does both well.

Video files contain a wealth of information, which, a lot of the time, goes untapped. But with our video conversion technology, grabbing that information and creating a fully-indexed, word-for-word transcript is easier than you may think. In fact, for MicroSearch, we've streamlined the process to its very core, going a step beyond by offering a centralized web portal where anyone with access can find the material. (And perhaps discover something they would have otherwise overlooked.)

Your videos aren't doing you any good sitting in storage. Move them to the cloud! As part of the full MultimediaSearch solution, we can convert your old videos in any format--reel, VHS, DVD, you name it--into digital files, complete with transcripts, and incorporated into your own online database.

MicroSearch Document Management Solutions for Unions

Create digital backups

Seamlessly convert your old VHS tapes into a modern, digital format that is stored online.

MicroSearch Legal Research Material Conversions

Full text transcripts

On top of a digital backup, MicroSearch will produce accurate, fully-searchable transcriptions.

MicroSearch Document Conversion and Retrievale

Web-based, multimedia hub

Find all your videos and accompanying transcripts in one, online place along with your documents.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Unions and Alliances

One Online Database for Videos and Documents

MicroSearch's multimedia databases are designed to house all types of material.

Imagine having access to a web portal where you could find all of your critical documentation, as well as word-by-word transcripts of any uploaded video files? It's not outside the realm of possibility with MicroSearch. We've been developing and marketing software just like this for well over a decade: the MultimediaSearch site.

While the media on which your video was recorded may have gone out of date, that doesn't mean the content of the video is no longer valuable. We provide video conversion--from analog to digital--and incorporated in your MultimediaSearch site, an online database and digital library. We can take it from gathering dust to fully indexed and searchable.

MicroSearch Information Management Tools

Multimedia Search, Boosted by Metadata

Beyond the actual content, our web portals also account for metadata.

The way we see it, organizing your documents and media files is twofold: materials are indexed by content, in addition to the kind of information it is. MultimediaSearch isn't just about full-text search, though that is a powerful tool. We also index metadata--information about the media--that is also searchable.

For instance, using our web portal, you can find a video file (and its transcript) based on the date of its creation, why it was created, or what it pertains to exactly. The only limit to the metadata we can index is what you're able to provide us. The more, the merrier.

Union Contract Digitization and Management

A Digital Library with Everything You Need

Video files, full-text transcripts--all on top of your digitized documents, found in one place.

We're strong believers in simple solutions, and our document and media management web portals are evidence of that. Agreements, contracts, and other types of documents provide unions with important legal information that can make a huge difference--especially during a negotiation. That, combined with any relevant video files and related media are powerful tools when used correctly. MicroSearch rolls this all into one; one dedicated, online space where anyone can search for and retrieve whatever they're looking for, and with ease.


Why transcribe your video files in the first place?

You'll never look back once you realize the value of housing all kinds of information.

Why Work with MicroSearch Corp.?

Think of your old media as an unused resource, waiting to be leveraged.

  • Index and store new, perhaps invaluable information that was previously undiscovered
  • Embolden your colleagues by providing an easy way to find exactly what they're looking for
  • Offer an annotated play-by-play or full-text video transcript to those who are hearing-impaired

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